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Buildings hundreds of years old and located all across the world are known to be encased in a mud flow up to several stories high and in some cases even completely engulfing buildings entirely in nothing but mud. Naturally, you would be inclined to roll your eyes. I came across the theory through YouTube channels like Martin Liedtke and autodidactic, who are now friends of mine, Obeda told The Spinoff. Tartaria : A Global Empire hidden in history mudra Mon Jan 14, 2019 7:42 am Tartaria The Largest Country Hidden By Fake History (pt 1 of 4: flags & books) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWuLMBdzJNg&t=182s Tatar tribe and Tatar invasion were taught in school, but the Tartarian empire as an official country wasn't. Oxford University Press, 2011.Lubo-Lesnichenko, Evgeny. Tartaria - Mud Flood Ewing Jr., David ( 0 ratings) Rate this eBook, 2020 This book shows the evidence that researchers show about the subject of Tartaria and the Mud Flood. Buy for $10.99. Did the Tartarians really have advanced technology? The underworld. In doing so I am now the lead alternative historian in the country., The core of his and other adherents argument seems to be: how could 1800s settlers build these things? What was Slavery Like During the Viking Era? My husband was just telling me about them last night and about the great mud slide..all I can say after reading these articles is now Im intrigued and hooked on wanting to read more about them!!! The civilization that the mud flood wiped out was the Tartary civilization, which spanned most of Eurasia. After a short time the whole sky became terribly dark . To rewrite history. The answer to both these questions, according to proponents of the theory, is: a giant race of technological wunderkinds. that's what I think. Good afternoon CC. The grand architecture and ornate features in all of these neo-gothic/Greco-Roman buildings across the world are impossible to have been done by hand, especially back in the time frames they give us, he said. And if based on the curvature they tell us, you technically could not still see buildings/hills far away as the curvature would make them disappear. Adherents propose that demolished buildings such as the Singer Building, the original New York Penn Station, or the temporary grounds of the 1915's World's Fair were actually the buildings of a vast empire based in Tartary that has been suppressed from history. The denotation of lost souls spending eternity in Tartarus the underworld is due to the Tartarian Empire having been buried and wiped out during the mud flood. So many lies. This socially progressive sloping model, he said, is also behind the basement windows. Tartaria tartaria mud flood tartaria mud flood reset Bloomberg News Covers Tartaria and Mudflood JON LEVI Tartarian architecture past reset civilizations Latest Post Jon Levi mentioned on Joe Rogan via Eddie Bravo on Spotify Melted Brick Proof Inheritors and Survivors Bloomberg News Covers Tartaria and Mudflood Jon Levi Channels Finally, though I did not check (lacking a spacecraft) I did hear the Space Shuttle once tested a tether unrolled in a line both towards and away from the Earth as it orbited, it created so much current it was a hazard. In the beginning chuck up some kitset colonial buildings and wait until the street is so fucked that you need to do something about it, he said. It seems to me seekers in the comments may thrill to edify themselves with the more measurable, substantial, knowable, PROVABLE wonders around us. Exactly why The Man has hidden the history of Tartaria is unclear, but it has something to do with profiting off, I came across the theory through YouTube channels like, , who are now friends of mine, Obeda told The Spinoff. Hi Maria, A lot of good videos can be found about Tartaria on youtube and bitchutefor instance Jon Levi is a very good channel for this on YT. [4] Since about 2016, conspiracy theories about the supposed lost empire of "Tartaria" have gained popularity on the Internet, divorced from its original Russian nationalist frame. . Such theories assert that Tartary (or the "Tartarian Empire") was a lost civilization with advanced technology and culture. This kind of understanding (General Relativity) can explain itself if you remain humble, hopeful, think for yourself. Its like humans were living in a fairytale. Sediment collects over time, being deposited by wind (see the Dust Bowl), falling rocks, landslides, rivers, organisms dying and rotting down, humans littering the place, and human structures withering away. Get ready to laugh, learn, and ponder the possibilities as we explore the enigma that is the Tartarian Empire. Bear in mind it is moving at X miles per second, cutting Earths lines of force. I pray we all learn the truth and live in peace and harmony. It created its people and went to war with the Tartarians using Atlantean technology today(which is what destroyed the first world in their first conflict). Proponents of the theory say there was once an advanced, giant civilisation that dominated the Earths surface; Tartaria. The active use of the toponym (place name) can be traced from the 13th to the 19th centuries. If the Earth was flat the edges would be burnt to a crisp during the Suns revolving around it, and its edges closer to the Sun than the rest of it..You can prove this to yourself with a piece of bread and a heat source..if you revolve the heat source over the circumference of the bread..The only way it wouldnt be burnt would be if the Sun had an elliptical orbit making it swing wide when orbiting the edges..If that were the case than the night time would bring winter weather to the inner land and tropical weather during the day..and this does not happen..Our weather patterns dictate the Earth is round because of its even heating and cooling cycles.. Christopher, if you had watched Ewars full series on Flat Earth you would know that the prevailing theory is, that the sun does a very interesting spiral across the earth plain. I was just researching and came across their channels and pretty much had my mind blown. Once he learned about Tartaria, he dedicated his channel to exposing the truth behind our architectural history. George Orwell (1984) Recent Update: 29 March 2023. It is fascinating, practical, lo tech. Oxford University Press, 2011.Hansen, Valerie. "Central Asia in World History." This ignores the well-documented history of Asia, which Tartary refers to. Tartaria was a worldwide civilisation that lived in harmony, and had access to technology that we could only dream of., Some Mori p and redoubts, he said, are actually buried star forts (Tartarian military bastions). We know they were here before the alleged mudflood; we have oral history, radiocarbon dating, and plenty of archeological sites. And what about the houses built on an incline? And I do believe the earth is stationary. Modern Tartarian Conspiracists took it a step further with the premise of an alternative history in which a technologically advanced race that sprung up from north-central Asia was responsible for vast cities and infrastructures built worldwide. Sumptuously styled Gilded Age buildings are often held out as really having been built by the supposed Tartaria. Thanks for finally talking about the Tartaria Mud Flood Reset: A Missing Legacy Liked it! -. You can prove this yourself. And if you think this is interesting, it gets much better. So, who would want to hide the existence of this technologically advanced race? Join David and Brent as they excavate the truth behind the enigmatic mud floods, unearth myst. In Five Years of Theosophy, edited by the Theosophist and scholar G.R.S. , something as simple as re-labelling a modern map of Eurasia as Tartary can get conspiracy-prone minds racing. Later, the Russia Geographical Society later debunked all these claims, dismissing this conspiracy theory as an extremist fantasy. A conversation with some of these theorists would slowly make you conclude that these people sound more like non-profit preservationists as you watch them explain how society walks around, not truly understanding or valuing their environment and believing only what they are being fed. Racial identity was something the controllers brought in to divide us, he said. According to the proponents of this theory, Tartaria was a giant race of technologically superior beings who existed on Earth long before we came into the picture. [5], The globalized version of the conspiracy theory is based on an alternative view of architectural history. Hi, I just did a search and found a lot of misleading ones as well. Cambridge University Press, 1990.Tartary Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tartary TartaryNova: https://www.tartarynova.com/ The Tartary Empire: https://www.thetartary.com/ Tartary: An Empire Hidden in History: https://www.gaia.com/article/tartary-empire-hidden-in-history The Mud Flood: https://www.mudflood.org/ Tartaria: The Hidden Truth: https://www.tartaria.nl/en/home-en/ Forgotten Empire: The Tartary - A Hidden History: https://www.forgotten-empire.com/ New Earth Project: https://www.newearthproject.org/ Tartaria and Mud Flood Research: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TartariaMudFloodResearch/ Tartary: Myth or Reality? The sand begins to lift up from the . In truth, its nice to see a little inversion of the Erich von Dniken indigenous people cant build pyramids conspiracy. Tartaria and the Mud Flood is truly a 21st century conspiracy theory, in that it exists almost entirely on the Internet if not entirely. Join David and Brent as they excavate the truth behind the enigmatic mud floods, unearth mysterious maps, and delve deep into the forgotten history of this once-mighty civilization. The Tartary civilization was likely destroyed between the 19th and 20th century through mud floods, energy weapons (DEW) and scheduled mass exterminations and the Earth was suddenly deserted of billions of people. Through ingenious engineering, intricate architecture, and advanced technology, the Tartarians transformed the earth into a circuit board powered by the aether. Thousands of people online are convinced of an alternative historical truth: a giant, highly advanced global empire came to our country before Europeans, and it built the railway station. So fascinating: any good books you could recommend on Tartaria? Thank you for your interest! How does it fit in the tartaria theory? "Tartary (Latin: Tartaria) or Great Tartary (Latin: Tartaria Magna) was a historical region in Asia located between the Caspian Sea-Ural Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Existing here at this blog, thanks admin for this website. An ingenious conspiracy theorist would also mention that according to Google Ngram, words like Tartaria or Tartary seemed to dip into obscurity in the 19th century. Streetlights that existed during the reign of the Tartarian Empire were tall aetheric electrical antennas. This is where the inspiration from Anatoly Fomenko's new chronology is most obvious, especially his idea of the 'Russian horde'. The farther back in time you go the more connected and at peace we were.Here is a small collection of never before seen photographs of the most recent mud flood of 1892. There are already people experiencing here and now a nightmare, and we read about it or hear about it through others. And it didn't only span Russia, but most of Asia. . Suhel Khan Ebook 174 Pages family_home Eligible info $13.99 Ebook Free sample About this ebook arrow_forward Who was Jesus Christ? Why was Lenins body preserved after he died? "The Empire of the Steppes: A History of Central Asia." 779 points 14 comments. Its a white ball w/a blue disk, if you look past the glare 5 to 10 seconds, until 20 degrees above the horizon. The Tartarians are scared, they have never experienced snow before and wonder what is happening. Which could hint at one of the reasons why bathrooms in the recent past have been used quite extensively more as social gathering powder rooms to not only freshen oneself up but to hear and spread local gossip. See more ideas about old photos, nyc history, historical photos. They werent part of an empire; they were residents of a massive region with many different cultures lumped together into Tartary by Europeans who didnt care to understand the area beyond its association with Ghengis Khan. Places like the old government building in Christchurch, the Dunedin railway station and Aucklands Northern Club are too big and technically complex, they claim, to have been built by the few scattered European settlers living in New Zealand in the 19th century. If you asked any Tartarian conspiracy theorists why there are no solid pieces of evidence of this lost city of Tartaria, they would all give you two answers, the Great Mud Flood and the Great Cover-Up. This video contain many (327) unbelievable photos from our past so you can see and learn about the mud flood, the tartaria, the giants, giant books, the titans, titan skeletons, giant people, megalith. This is absolutely fascinating!! Just trying to understand your comment. This week on Hysteria 51, we're diving headfirst into the murky, muddy waters of the Tartarian Empire. Mead, the polymath and "seer" Emanuel Swedenborg is quoted as having advised, "Seek for the Lost Word among the hierophants of Tartary, China, and Tibet. Pictures from all over have been gathered for further investigation. Tartary or Tartaria is a historical name for Central Asia and Siberia. ago. Proponents of the theory say there was once an advanced, giant civilisation that dominated the Earths surface; Tartaria. Why are we here? However, this theory deviated from its Russian origins and became an architectural conspiracy. One of the ancient technologies developed. We just think we are evolving. fleurtjuh50 says: February 16, 2020 at 4:22 . In 1892, a mud flood destroyed cities across the globe, restructuring power and an opportunity to take over cities and societies and erase history, more specifically, the Tartarian culture and it's technology.. Max Igan: Tartaria, Mud Floods, Orphan Trains and Foundlings Mud Flood Great Reset - Great Tartaria - The World We Lost Tartaria Documentary - 3000 Pictures of Our Lost History. The adding of an extra "r" to "Tatar" was suggestive of Tartarus, a Hell-like realm in Greek mythology. "The Mongol Empire and Its Legacy." [3] In the 18th century, conceptions of Siberia or Tartary and its inhabitants as "barbarous" by Enlightenment-era writers tied into contemporary concepts of civilization, savagery and racism. THE GREAT TARTARIAN EMPIRE. This page was last edited on 6 September 2022, at 09:53. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by. They ally this with quotes from the Encyclopedia Britannica (an 18th century work) in articles like this one to claim that there's a hidden Empire in history. The Tartaria Conspiracy Theory has its roots in Russian Pseudoscience, with mentions of the Empire of Tartaria first appearing in Russian conspiracy theorist Anatoly Fomenkos New Chronology. The MUD FLOOD: American West (ARCHIVE) 1892 #tartaria #hiddenhistory #history Edgar Reyes 17K views 2 months ago Elon Musk SLAMS Globalists agenda, as WHO announces next virus outbreak |. They were called Tartars, and their lands were called Tartary.

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